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Mike Claypool was born the second child to Warren and Brenda Claypool
on June 17th, 1946. After graduating from high school in Bemidji, Mike moved to Minneapolis to work. While he was working nights, cousin Rick and his new wife moved in with him for a couple months in his efficiecy apartment while they were looking for a place of their own. Later, Mike went back to Bemidji where he went to work for a plumber and married his daughter, Dodie and they had two children:
??, and
They were divrced in ?? and Mike maried Linda. She had two children of her own, and they had a fifth between them.

They bought Rick and Donna Northup's house in Minneapolis and Mike went to work for Clover-leaf Dairy driving milk truck. LAter,they moved to Grand Rapids, where they presently reside.

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Children of Mike and Linda Claypool

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